Make Miami-Dade a Communist-Free Zone

Our campaign presents a daring vision for Miami-Dade, tackling the county’s challenges head-on while promoting a society that cherishes freedom, prosperity, and inclusivity. Join us in shaping a future where Miami-Dade stands as a beacon of hope and progress.

Restore Law & Order

At the core of our campaign is a steadfast commitment to uphold law and order, ensuring Miami-Dade remains a bastion of safety and security for all its inhabitants. We stand firm on a zero-tolerance stance against violence and disorder, fostering a community where peace and prosperity flourish.

Safeguarding Our Schools

Our campaign focuses on protecting our schools from communist influences to uphold freedom and democracy.

Reduce Traffic within the County

Our goal is to make Miami-Dade’s transport better, more efficient, and stress-free, reducing congestion.


Boosting Business with Tax Incentives

To ignite economic growth, we propose tax incentives to spur business development. Supporting entrepreneurs and drawing new investments, we aim to solidify Miami-Dade’s status as a vibrant economic powerhouse.

Creating Job Opportunities

Our campaign aims to stimulate job growth across sectors, revitalizing the economy and reducing unemployment.

Protect the Environment

Our focus is on preserving Miami-Dade’s environment and promoting sustainability for future generations.

Revitalizing Miami International Airport

Recognizing the pivotal role of Miami International Airport, we are committed to extensive repairs and reorganizing its internal affairs, ensuring it remains a premier global gateway.

Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana

We push for legalizing recreational marijuana in Miami-Dade for safety and tax benefits.

Expanding Affordable Housing

We aim to solve the housing crisis by boosting affordable housing availability, allowing residents to find quality homes within their budget.

Supporting Local Artists

Our campaign focuses on enhancing Miami-Dade’s cultural landscape by reallocating funds to support and empower local artists.

Lowering County Taxes

Our goal is to reduce county taxes to alleviate financial stress and boost the community’s economic health.

Inclusive Collaboration with Minorities

Our campaign is built on inclusivity, committing to work hand-in-hand with all minority groups. We envision a Miami-Dade where diversity is tolerated and celebrated, ensuring every voice contributes to our shared future.